Jai Shree Industries (Regd.) - jaishreeindustries.com, Injection Moulding Machines semi-automatic, fully-automatic, Horizontal type ,vertical type plants you can make indicator, handle of suitcase, toys, screw drivers, soap case, ash-trays, tea-strainer ,hanger, casserole, tray, Tiffin, jug, vanity case,
   Our Products INJECTION MOULDING MACHING(HORIZONTAL TYPE) direct drive super model


This plant requires one person only. Without tiring, you can produce this product just you put on the switch and remaining work will be done by this machine.

MACHINE DETAIL:-IN this plant you will be get a high pressure fully automatic machine vertical type (double motor 10 H.P runs with power) and a heavy stainless steel die set.

PLACE:-This machine has its own foundation so 15x10 feet room is suffficient.

ELECTRICITY:-This plant runs with three phase power under domestic light. the running cost  of this plant is Rs.200/- per 8 hours.

PRODUCTIVITY & CAPABILITY:-This machine produces 2000 pieces/shot of raw material in 8 hours. It can run 24 hours you can produce any item form this machine you have to just change the die.

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